The Membership

Places is an NFT-based members only club for those seeking unparalleled access to high profile events around the world.

Our first limited edition YUME NFT grants you Gold status in our tiered membership structure.


First right to purchase all future exclusive NFT releases and membership upgrades.


Early bird access to our events calendar including yacht parties, concerts, and celebrity hosted galas.


Places curated Coachella event schedule and artist access.


The Places Paddock will be the ultimate destination for the upcoming Miami Grand Prix.

How It Works

Places kicks off its membership model on February 9th, 2022. By purchasing a 1/100 YUME NFTs you will automatically be granted Gold membership.

Our tiers range from Bronze, Silver, and Gold to Platinum and Diamond. The Diamond tier will be capped at 100 carefully curated members.

What You Get

Access to our exclusive events and concierge services

Our tiered membership structure rewards those members who engage with our platform and collect our NFTs. Diamond members will always have first access to our assets and the events of their choice.

Opportunity to apply for other various memberships from Gold and Platinum to Diamond status

By purchasing our Places NFT, you will be given the opportunity to apply for our various status memberships which range from Gold and Platinum to Diamond status.

Limited Edition Art as an NFT

Designed by world-famous visual artist, Daniel Mazzone Coachella Experiences

On April 15,16 and 17th The Gold YUME NFT is your ticket to the Places x Coachella event schedule.

YUME gives you artist access to the Coachella weekend and VIP tables at the Veranda (the most exclusive experience Coachella has ever offered for VIP guests. ) for the entire first weekend.

You will also unlock access to the Tao pop up event, the Zenyara after party and the Thermal Ross Avaiation closing party


100 Gold NFT Release

February 12, 2022

Super Bowl LVI

Kick-off Event

2022 Events Schedule Release

YUME Gold NFT Distribution

100 Platinum NFT Release

Private Yacht Party, Miami

Places Concierge App Release

100 Diamond NFT Release

Metaverse Platform Release

Places Marketplace Release

Places Fractional Real Estate Platform

Places Invest Group

Owners Club Membership

Places Utility Token Launch


coachella event poster


Coachella City, California

overhead view of stadium and racetrack

Miami Grand Prix

Miami, Florida

view of water and beach with white tents

Cannes Film Festival

Cannes, France

overhead view of racetrack

Monaco Grand Prix

Monte Carlo, Monaco

nighttime overhead view of crowd and a stage

Unicef Gala

Capri, Italy

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Grand Prix

Abu Dhabi

Arrt Basel in Miami

Art Basel

Miami, Florida

Mykonos Little Venice oceanside dining area

Summer Season


Mexico City Grand Prix

Grand Prix

Mexico City

Toronto International Film Festival logo

Film Festival

Toronto, Ontario

Unicef Gala - Saint Barth's

Unicef Gala

St. Barth's

music festival stage with yellow and blue lighting

Summer Season